May 2001 – 05/14/2001

Okilidokili, I found out that I loathe certain things more than I thought. I have so much stress from work that this will be EXTREMELY brief. My back in in such pain that it’s hard sitting for a long period of time. I’ve never had this much pain — EVER. Even during all my years on the soccer pitch. Unreal.

Speaking of soccer. On a happy note, I was told that a young boy did not want to go to his baseball game because he wanted to go to soccer (goalkeeper) practice instead. Because of me! I felt so honored when I found this out. His mom told me before I left. Awww, shucks. Oww, pain. Okay, other than that… I went to an audition for Marvin’s Room. Me be in severe pain. <- meaning -> out

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