May Is National Masturbation Month!

Uh… The media has forgotten to mention that this is a very important month. pointed out that there have been only two stories about it. This is quite sad in my opinion. Everybody does it but nobody talks about it. EVERYBODY DOES IT… No hiding from it peoples. = P

Good Vibrations, we know that sexual pleasure is a birthright and that masturbation is a powerful source of sexual gratification. Since practically everyone masturbates, but few people talk about it, we created National Masturbation Month, a month-long celebration recognizing the many ways we can pleasure ourselves. This year our theme is “Party of One!” Pamper yourself, enjoy your own company, take yourself out on the town — even if you stay home to do it!

This year people all over the US (and the world!) will celebrate the seventh annual Masturbate-A-Thon, raising funds for worthy community-based organizations that focus on women’s health, safer sex, HIV education, and other sex- positive causes. This year Good Vibrations is pleased to donate funds raised through the Masturbate-A-Thon to The Center for Sex & Culture, a new San Francisco nonprofit which is raising money to open a library and archive, where they’ll also hold classes, salons, art events and more. The CSC is holding its own Masturbate-A-Thon, too — live! For details, visit

Whether you enjoy it solo, with a sweetheart, or just talk up masturbation’s pleasures and benefits, we invite you to join us in our celebration!

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