Mission(s) Accomplished, Now What?

tony-the-tiger-grrreatThe US academic schedule provides an incredible structure by which one can plan for the future. How? Blocks.

To think of school in the US is to speak about the K-12 experience. In fact, it is best discussed in smaller doses.

K-3 – 4 years

4-5 – 2 years

6-8 – 3 years

9-12 – 4 years

under-grad degree – 4 years

graduate degree – 5 years (attending classes part time)

That was my experience in little ‘ol Prospect, CT. Why is this important now and what relevance does it have?

They’re all broken into small chunks of time. A couple years here. A buncha years there. If I try to think about 10 years from now the concept is extremely difficult to grasp. But 4, 5, or even 6 years. I can get a handle on that. It’s easier in small segments. But of course! It’s the plan stupid. =D

Last year I finished graduate school. I knew it would take me a while but I hadn’t figured the exact amount of time. Almost one year later while climbing at The Rock Club with emma it hit me… I don’t have a goal any more.

While working toward my under-grad degree I set the goal of working/living in Japan. I succeeded. After I returned I struggled for a while trying to figure out what my next goal was… A masters degree.

And so I began searching for ways to accomplish that goal. I knew I wanted to work at a school so I could go part time (aka I didn’t want additional student loans). =)

Fast forward to today – I’m still working at Sarah Lawrence College and I have my degree. Additional things have happened along the way of course. All adding to the story.

So, I offered just before emma began tying in to climb what turned out to be a fun 5.8… “What’s next? Do I need to determine a personal goal, a professional goal, and an artistic goal?” And so, sitting on the soft mats we sat and discussed for a while adding in emma’s goals and our shared goals. The variables seemed to keep coming.

“Will/Do any overlap?”

It’s possible. Thing is, neither of us know what our personal goals are next. We know where we want to go together. Yes everyone reading we do want to have a child. Chill. We’re like the Cylons in the recent Battlestar Galactica series – We have a plan.

It feels Tony the Tiger “Grrrrreat!” to have realized what is going on. I’m sort of rudderless presently. I have short term ideas, agendas, but none of them are laid out with the consideration of something specifically attainable. And, yikes!, the goal(s) may not be as straight forward as my Japan and Masters goals were.

Here. We. Go!

Hahaha. “Rose Defeats the Daleks” was finishing as I finished my thoughts. Nicely done Rose. Nicely done, Doctor.

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  1. I loved that, Gar… on so many levels.

    Thanks for having me over. I can’t wait to see you guys again.

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