More Thoughts on Serenity…


After an hour long, actually I think it was longer, conversation with Matt I think my early review was slanted due to verious outside forces last night, er… This morning.

What do I mean? It is a very good movie. It will surprise people. It will make them laugh and it will make them cheer. Due to the fact that I, along with all the other Browncoats, have seen the series I’m HEAVILY biased I couldn’t review the film for what it was solo style.

There are some problems with the filme. Mal’s arch isn’t clear enough to the audience. He doesn’t push people away. Especially Inara. Though she accuses him of doing so. No, no, no, no, no. Blame is well placed on Mal by his crew but is placed on him by Inara and that’s plain wrong. It’s not her character and it’s not her history.

The action is wonderful! My god the fight scenes were intense! Truely some of the best on screen. Redemption? Belief? Freedom? Wht’s the movie about? Combine those three together and you’ve got Serenity in a nut shell. Again, it is a good film, scratch that, a very good film but there are problems – wow huh. A story with problems?! Neverrrrr.

I still hold to the fact that the missing Western feel of the dialog was missing and that really disappointed me.

The completed version of this flic is going to be a fun ride. I am looking forward to seeing it again in September. If I think of more I’ll post away. W3rd.

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