My 2011 Facebook Birthday Wish for HEART

I woke up this morning to a wonderful hug and warm wishes from emma. After my sleepy eyes gave way to reading eyes I saw that she had emailed me something.

It was an awesomely cute, funny and sweet OS X Preview edited photo of me that she really (really!) likes. I’m standing in the woods looking out through a tree. Stop that with your mind going to places non-cute-funny-sweet related. =p

When it comes to my birthday I usually don’t do anything or ask for much (if anything). This year I hinted to emma that I’d be thrilled if a Canon T3i magically appeared on my birthday.

Of course, I knew it wouldn’t and couldn’t happen. We’re struggling financially after our move into the new house and have had a large, read that in a 72 font and it’s about half way to the size of what it is, expense land in our lap. But I digress. A T3i was not going to appear. Where is Santa when you need him? “Alooooo, Santa?” 😉

Click image to visit HEART

I thought it over and decided that I wanted this year to be different.

Instead of being given something I wanted to ask people to help give to an organization I am consistently blown away by called HEART (Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers) –

With that in mind, last night I recorded a video and wrote up a blurb and posted it to Facebook and YouTube:

I’m trying to raise money for an awesome organization called HEART (Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers). It’s my Facebook Birthday Wish.

Info here:

Please consider sharing this video, the causes link and/or contributing to an organization full of Win. Thanks peeps. =)

So, yea, it’s now officially my birthday. I can say this because me mudda called at the appropriate time – 10:53 AM – and sang me Happy Birthday. Things are good in the world.

The day isn’t over but I would like to thank <Rent-musical>you and you and you, you and you!” </Rent-musical> for all your kind thoughts of me on this the 13th of July! =D

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