My Acting Calling Card? Out then In again?

I’m back in. Heading back into the city that is. It looks like things weren’t working out with The Devil and so I received a panicked call today from the director after she emailed me only a few hours earlier.

I was at Woodbury Commons with emma. Bliss.

The Soldier’s Tale (L’Histoire du Soldat) it is. The simple summary is this: When a war weary soldier hands his violin to a stranger in exchange for a book, has he sold his soul to the devil?

Things really are falling into place again. After the brief turn of unfortunate events, though it felt horribly long during the time, I’m happy to feel freed of stress again. Day to day stuff is just day to day stuff. It comes and it goes. Hmm, that puts Great White into my head… “My heart’s a hunter. And love is a foolish game.” Dunahnahnahnahnah. Right. I think I’m still mentally out of it from last night. Damn you time change! Damn you! I woke up at “8:15” because of you! Friggin 7:15 AM on a Sunday )grumblegrumblegrumble( Like I said, day to day stuff is nah-thin! Pah-shaw. 0= )

Ahh. Woodbury Commons and Docle & Gabbana had a dress, gasp, only one in stock, gasp, facing the front door, gasp… on sale for $6,000+ It’s called OUTLET for a reason boys and girls. After seeing some dresses in the city at $8,000 it made even less sense. Sigh. Emma and I fail to see the logic. Sure it was pretty and fit emma wonderfully… But really. $6,000. This not this seasons clothing line.

Sugarloaf is a beautiful place for trinkets and other hand-made gifts. This we now know. And it’s only about 20 minutes from the outlets. Score one to the winning team of early risers.

Damn you day light savings!

T’was a good day. A day for a first for me. I don’t think it’ll be my last but it is a nice Burberry first. It was, who am I kidding, is, such a great buy! Santa is making cookies tonight. T’hehehe.

Whelp. I’ve been asked to be The Devil. I’ve been given another script to read for a possible future performance – another in the city, and I have an audition on Saturday for Bulba at SLC. A new tempurpedic bed is a part of 11o1. The car is no longer freely accessible – Thanks goes out to Alex and his auto body repair crew in Prospect, CT. Things are falling into place they are they are. I think, now that it’s technically 23:49, aka 00:49, I’m going to let my grey juices set themselves into a hi-REM state. Wind em up. Annnnnnd they’re off!

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