My Apology to You – My Friends and Family

Today I woke up breathing easily and had a thought “I haven’t been doing a good job of staying touch with people… Why?”

I think I figured out why while I was having the above though. Why? SLC stuff (not work), Home stuff (not 134), rehearsals (heh heh), packing (whoa!), multiple website stuff, etc…

I’ve felt myself stretch so thin that I’ve found myself saying just that – ìI feel like I have no time to relax or just sit for a moment to think.î Is it true? If there ever were a truer thing I’d be surprised. I feel so bad about the fact that I haven’t contacted so many people because of all of these things happening.

= The happy sad part of this is I’m so very happy living this busy life. Why am I packing? Because I’m taking another step toward the future. What is happening at SLC that is so time consuming? I’m finally on the road to read a Degree in life I’ve wanted for so long which means no lunch and more reading and studying than I’ve done since I was an undergrad. Websites? Yup, I was struck with the design, experiment with code bug again (finally). It’s been so long since I’ve been interested in websites that it’s great to have the drive again. The odd thing is the timing. = O Rehearsals? Oh yes! Chekhov. I’m doing a Chekhov play! HAHA! That’s not all. I’m also reading ìJoeî in a student written play called ìThe Tenderî. Who am I? I’m The Tender. = D

The biggest thing to fill my brain has been quick to take shape… A new place to live for the residents of 134. Both Avenga and I are moving. Avenga has West Coast dreams while I have NY aspirations. While Mari will most likely have a short stay somewhere before she finds and then moves into a place of her own I’ll be taking up residence at 21 for a few months before I make my final move to 1101. Phew. That would be described as TOO MUCH moving in a 4 month time frame.

What the hell, why not! It only means, what will be a short wait before I move into a place of my own. A REAL place. None of this renting stuff. The word HUGE can’t be written big enough to show how large this is.

The amazing thing is that three months ago all of this became possible and it took a visit from one Rahotep to get me riled up enough to search for a new place to live. Thank you Rahotep for bringing ìScotland Yardî. That amazingly loud game that is usually is! Domo Rahotep-sama. Domo.

And these three months have proved that despite thinking what you know, you never really do know until you talk about it with someone else. Emma. Hmm… = ) I had no idea we’d be stepping on the ground we’re stepping on. It’s new (daily), it’s more than we both thought, and it’s going to be holy yimminy when 7/1 comes about at 1101.

To go back to my original thought briefly. Time is short and I apologize to you all for having been so poor in maintaining contact with you all. I sincerely hope to write to you, speak with you, and/or see you all soon. I don’t like life getting in the way of friends but at this time in my life I have to give in to the current events taking place in my day to day life. Rock on one and all! Time to hit the frog and toad.

I have no idea if this makes any sense. I just realized I wrote and wasn’t thinking as I wrote. Then again, that might mean it makes more sense than if I’d thought through it. Well… You’re done reading so you already know if it was or wasn’t coherent. Jyane.

02-28-2005 08:43 am

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