Newsletter – 04/07/04

Hey ho one and all. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve put a whole bunch of pix up this evening goin as far back as February. Yes I know it’s April. I’ve been lazy-ish, and busy-ish.

What’s been happening? Well you can always follow my happy go lucky days, and the other days that aren’t (but who wants to remember those days anyway?) in my Journal. Take a peek if you’re bored or just curious to read some rants or mind purges.

In a couple weeks a show written by my best bud BT will be performed here at Sarah Lawrence College. Details will be posted once they are all confirmed. If your interested let me know because the space is pretty tiny so seating will be limited.

With that I’m going to find the land of Z because it’s 1:15 AM and I’m BEAT! Chichich-a!


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