Newsletter – 08/20/04

Martians and xenophobes! = P Holy Cris Kringle it?s been a while since I uploaded new pix. Yea I know ? I suck. Deal with it? I do. Daily.

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Things have been quite scattered recently. Ranging from a surprise visit to see None?s show in FL to Kazi?s visit for Alice?s and Erick?s wedding! Follow that up with soccer, Mike and Jill?s wedding and we?ve got 100,000 miles!

On a different note the summer is about to come to a wrap so the weather god?s have decided to ?grace? us with stupid amounts of muggy weather that makes everything sticky. Even the keyboard. Er? that was the weather I hope.

It happened here first I tell biscuits! The the sources were confirmed and the news was broken here first! Now go get your tickets to the movie before they sell out again. I recommend anything that refers to a man with 8 legs.

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