Nothing Special, Just a Thought.

So after another 2.5 years I’m moving on. If thing keep up like this I’m going to get uber tired of moving very very soon. It is time to move on from 134. The memories, good and bad, will follow with me happily. It only hit me today that all of the changes I’m embarking on are really happening.

Insert big wow here.

This is going to one helluva month. Traveling, packing, and moving will not create free time a’tall. My mind is racing in so many directions it barely feels as though I have a grip on what’s happening. In a strange twist my back (my stress gauge) feels fantastic. This, of course, makes no sense to me in any way. During such a time I’d expect knots and aches that rival the sensation of an old, battered rock found on a mountain side.

Oh wait, is that the gift horse’s mouth I’m seeing before me? = ) Nope not lookin. Not gonna look.

Last thought before I throw me skull-o-juices to the tempur: It’s odd knowing I have a lawyer working for me. Such a peculiar situation, yet satisfying. = D

03-02-2005 12:46 am

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