November 2001 – 11/28/2001


In a strange turn of events the ultimate battle has been faught and has been won. Detail to follow the colon -> :

Scissors Defeats Rock

MEDFORD, OR–Scissors defeated rock Monday, marking the cutting instrument’s first-ever victory over its longtime nemesis. Scissors, which had lost to rock an estimated 44 million times before the win, was widely expected to lose the match. "I was incredible," witness Maria Wellsey said. "The rock was trying to smash the scissors, but it just couldn’t. Then, all of a sudden, the scissors got up and cut right through the rock, just like it was paper or something." Rock has lost its last two matches, including Friday’s defeat at the hands of paper, which easily covered the helpless stone.–November 26, 2001

Thank you Athos. I can sleep easy now…<- meaning -> out

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