Nurture not Nature in CT

fake-person-hatThe genetics of my family, scratch that. The genetics of my family members are a bit, well, no, they aren’t exactly the same. My mom has a number of sisters and brothers and yet none share the same genetic code. My gram isn’t actually my (blood) grandmother.

All this and more filled the room at Gram’s place yesterday (Mother’s Day). I learned about her night time adentures bacck in the day when it wasn’t commen for women to be out late driving around (aka home). She told me/us (mudda – Gary S and Joseph were there too but were napping) that she made a fake ‘man’ passenger because she had been followed a number of times. She cut the lights and turned down her driveway to lose the shadow driver.

The fake passenger inccluded a fedora hat. HFCIT!

She (Gram) said she did things that weren’t common. She was a ground breaker. I punctuated the sentiment by asking/saying something along the line of ‘so all of my ground breaking different approaches were to be expected then… yea?’ It’s in the blood would have been the best answer except, as noted, there isn’t any shared blood.

My (close) extended family and I share a close nit bond but only a handful of us actually share genetics. It’s entirely peculiar. Brothers and sisters with different fathers and/or mothers and small percentage with the same moma and dad.

Then there was me – the only child. In a family best described as a mixed tape I somehow found myself the only single purchased from iTunes. My world upbringing was so different and yet shared so many simliar people and things.

Shifting gears, emma is the only grand child that is remotely interested in having a child. Such a strange turn of events. Off to the day. To be noted — There are only 5 days left in the semester… My last semester in my MFA.

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