October 2001 – 10/04/2001

10/03/01 was the DAY FROM HELL!

This has been THE day from HELL. Everything that I did not want to happen — happened. Wanna find a way to get to work late? I found it. Wanna find a way to deal with an idiot that wants help but won’t stop talking to receive the requested help? Shut him up. How about learning about the possibility of your company going under sooner rather than later? Right. Oh yea, what a day, and what was POSSSSIBLY affecting this lovely day that is was – laugh all ya like – take a look at that great pic over there. Aint she a beaut. Ahh, physical limitations and parameters of our frail little bodies.

I need some sleep the stress of the day nearly overwhelmed me save for a ‘door’ that was there for support. Glad those things are there every now and then. We all need a door to lean on. Time to relax and mentally spool all this AONOAINCAQHP #QT)T :HGP(Ety out of my brain…<- meaning -> out


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