On Fire!

I’m on fire! Bum-diggy-dum-bum yea! This is the first night morning in ages eons that I’ve stayed up late and accomplished techy fun. Gallery2, despite it’s brilliance and simplicity, takes a little getting used to and WOW is it organized. I spent at least 2 hours just organizing and then reorganizing and then reorganizing again all the pix and info because there is THAT MUCH AVAILABLE in the admin section! YEEEEHA ladies and gents.

I bow to you all. Well done with a capital alphabet.

Mambo appears to be running better on Dreamhost – a pleasant surprise. Due to this unexpected events I updated 4 MegaVotes and learned that a few things are shakin’ in the house. Best watch what you eat now peeps because you’re not going to have that lawsuit option available to you now. Uh oh. = O You need to eat better.

Gosh Wally, I don’t know how to cook though. Geesh Beav, leave me alone already. But Wally. Aww Shucks.

That’s right kiddies it’s time to do your part. Walk to work, ride a bike, or just don’t eat that last bite. Oh yea, there’s even more happening in the wings. A vote on frivolous lawsuits is slated to make an appearance. Here are the details:

Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act of 2005 – H.R.420
The House is scheduled to take up this bill this week that would allow judges to sanction attorneys for filing frivolous lawsuits.

Things are shaking. Here comes the rumble.

Ahhh. It’s 5:12 and I’m wide awake. This I see as a problem, but I don’t care. = ) WHOOHOOO! I’m on top of things finally! Later today, not tomorrow!, later today emma and I will go through some more pix and throw em up onto me .com. Here we go Broncos here we go!

Hey Alice, are you okay? We left a few VMs and haven’t heard back from you. We’ve got fingers crossed. Hopefully enough for you to be safe. Wow, brain isn’t working. Thoughts are flying in with the wind. It’s time for some noodle cakes. Z Land Here I Come!

Ha, no pix to accompany any of my thoughts. It’s definitely late. THUMP

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