On The Edge

If you know anything about me you’ll recognize that this is out of character…

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! GARY SMASH! I’m so utterly tired of wobbling around like I’m crippled. The limitations to moving around, simply moving around!, are excessively mind bogglingly infuriating. GARY SMASH. If there was anything I could destroy, not break, I’d be in the process of indulging myself at this very moment.

Twisting, rolling, whatevering you ankle twice isn’t just bad – it’s completely asinine. And yes, I did that while going down a series of steps at my surprise party. I. Am. So. Ridiculously. Fed. Up. With. It.

I’m not thinking clearly, I’m spaced out, can’t focus. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! I swear if it gets any worse I don’t know what I’m going to do.


Nothing. That’s what I’ll do. Because I know anything ‘more’ would just cause more pain for longer. Frus. Tra. Ted!

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