The day is here and I’ve heard from three companies/services. On the 12th I heard from: American Consumer Opinion® and Mamboserver and Amber “Have birthday (a day early). Hope you have a great one!”(via myspace)

At the stike of 0:00 emma called while waiting in line, or inside, a club. I couldn’t tell and she couldn’t hear me. Site5 followed up with a 0:01 email wishing me a good ol happy.

A strange start to the day.
end of line 0:09

Odd, I just checked my inbox on Site5 to see if I should clean out the inbox and found that SpamAssasin was catching email it shouldn’t have caught. One happens to have been from my contact page.

Jill was on at 23:05 and sent a greetin..

Jill Manna wrote:
“Hey Gary! I forgot to wish you a happy birthday on Sunday (even though it is tomorrow)! So…happy birthday. I know, I don’t really think about it as a bday anymore either. Just a day to hopefully see or hear from friends or family…well, just because. That’s nice. So, happy bday…just because. :)”
end of line 0:46

For the hell-of-it I removed the option for friends on myspace to see that it is my birthday.
Ryan from DSL.net hit me up myspace style at 7:35. I happened to look at 7:36. No, I di dnot receive an email from myspace telling me I had a new comment. I have received any in over a month for some reason. Ryan wrote “Happy Birthday Boy-o!” Thanks man.

Matt (former SLC, former BU, soon to be PSU) paged me (at 9:15) putting it straight and fast “Happy birthday dude” Graci yo.

Well lookie here… Lin just (10:19) wrote:
Gary David,
Happy Birthday to you and many, many more!! Enjoy your special day!!
Sorry this is the best I can do – I can’t write in Japanese so English will have to do.
Love Always,
Dad, Lin, Dyna, Molly & BoBo
Cool. I got dog wishes. I wonder if they’re like kitten wishes. Probably though the kittens are a bit lower on the volume scale.

emma wished me a happy otanjobi with a beautiful present – a poem she wrote. I’m not posting it. No way, no how. I will reflect on it in another post though.
emma’s okaasan just called with some kind words bringing up my age and congratulating me. I don’t think enough people realize how much a success it is to reach another year older. Think about all the possibilities and how fortunate we are to make it through the year alive! Anyhow… Graci Nills.
end of line 10:41

Mudda was on the dot at 10:53 with a happy bday tune. She’s super impressive. Every year on the dot. domo domo okaasan.

Rahooootep hit me up just a couple minutes (11:36) ago with some nihongo. itsumo arigato gozaimasu tomodachi. honto ni.
end of line 11:41

The Grav’s (all + Dalton) called with me on speaker phone singing the song that requires they pay a fee (aka Happy Birthday to you, etc).

Marty called with news NOT related to the day at all but turned out to be phenomenal news! September is sure to be an exciting time if his plan sticks. emma heard me say “Wow. WOW. WoW. wow. WOw. wOw. wOW.” over and over and over. She soon compared the plan/news to her getting published. Wow.

I called him back and said wow a few more times thanking him. His timing couldn’t have been any better. Thank you again Marty.

Jacek is back here at 11o1 and Alice should be here soon. She was guilted into coming by emma’s devious plot to lure her to visit. Simply put – the plan worked. Score.

end of line 20:03

7/14 8:34
While I was away some peeps hit me up via my work PC…

bsynott (9:03:38 AM): Happy Birthday!
Kristy M wrote email style with a 48 font (or larger) – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
and one more…
Facebook style: Ashley Weaver (11:11am) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

end of line 8:38 am 07/14/06

Some additional details… my aunt barb sent me a fun e-card, alex b paged me at some unknown hour – which did not wake me up, jk touched base and lastly mari hit home with a page a few days later. Alll right. That’s all there was to it. Phew. Done, done, and done.
officially… end of line 23:31 am 07/26/06 (So it took me a week or so to finally edit the post. blah.)

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