Part of the Process

Joe Maller recently changed his web host and wrote up a fairly good run down of what he went through. After reading through his review I found myself considering hosts I wasn’t familiar with previously. And so the hunt for a web host continues. I’m in day, I have no clue anymore.

Posted in his comments I wrote:

IÂ’m researching hosts because I canÂ’t handle the slow response times from DreamhostÂ’s servers.

IÂ’ve found the following:

I would like to have all my sites (3 or more) in one place for the exact opposite reason you stated above. If something goes wrong I want to make one phone call, send one email, etc. to resolve any problems with the sites IÂ’m running or helping to run.

— – referred from a friend that swears by them. their prices are a on the higher side. support has responded to inquiry email within 2-5 hours.
— – overallÂ… wow. sadly they donÂ’t fill my needs because additional sites hosted on the plan cost 2.50 each. Also, no ssh on the shared plans. = o
— – this looks like a great option, 11gb storage, 5 additional domains can be hosted on the plan at 7.77/month and it includes ssh.
— – this looks like a great option, 5gb storage, 10 additional domains can be hosted on the plan at 11.25/month (paying annually) and it includes ssh.

IÂ’m down to a short list of 3 after many hours of reading and researching. In no orderÂ…

Did you do any research on site backbones? ThatÂ’s my next and likely last step in this process.

Presently IÂ’m swaying between swiftco and site5Â…

This is withough a doubt the most ABSOLUTE WORST part of a website. It’s great to see the open market thriving but a little less thriving might be on the better side of things. Yimminy! How there are so many companies can offer web hosting and not overwhelm the market? I’m not sure.

Soon enough I hope to speak with my NC/Cisco friend – Kat – to see what she has to say about the backbones for each of the 3 hosts I’m considering.

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