Pink Panther Premier/Review

This audio post was recorded just after the final credits rolled off the big screen at approximately 9:02 PM.

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I do not know the last time I saw a movie that I left the theater smiling. Thinking back, it was probably Serenity. No surprise with that one. Back to the Pink. People wore pink and pink and more pink to the premier. Overkill? Yea, but that’s a bit of the point considering we’re talking about a PINK PANTHER film.

I went into this film expecting, count with me from zero. Okay, you can stop now. NOTHING. I expected to walk away feeling as though I’d see a movie at a premier. End of line.

This, as it turns out, was a GREAT way to walk into the evening. Was this the original film? No. Do I remember the original films? Not really. Does it matter? To some I bet the answer is “HELL YES IT MATTERS!”

The humor was all over the place. Rehashed jokes, blatant silliness, and anything/everything else Steve Martin has thrown at us over the years. The wonderful reaction we all seemed to have was welcomed acceptance. At first the jokes were blah. The parallel parking scene wasn’t funny. The sexual harassment scene IS. So are the hamburger scene and the back-up dancer scene. This film is full of silliness. It’s silly. It’s fun. It’s just a good ol gag film. I say see this film. Personally, I wouldn’t mind spending full price to see it but will recommend it as a matinee film. See it in the theater with friends on a day you’re all feeling silly.

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