Pitch Black

pitchblackTension, excitement, and curiosity is what I felt it while watching this movie. I happened to be alone in someone elseís house with all the lights off after the sun had set. So what? The idea of a creature that can be described as a vampire-like reptilian that uses sonar to see hunting me definitely held me at bay. Interestingly, these characters are nothing in comparison to Riddick (Vin Diesel).

Itís obvious why there are spin offs of the Riddick after seeing this movie. Iím quite late in the game but I am very happy to have this movie as a part of the library in my mind. If youíre interested in horror films check this one out. If you like action films check this flic out. If you like romantic filmsÖ try something different.

Last note on the filmÖ Tohy directed beautifully this film. From fish eye scenes we felt the emptiness of the landscape. His use of lighting confused my scenes (happily) during action scenes. His writing was to the point and delivered by a readily capable ensemble cast. Really, spend a few bucks, call your friends, get some pizza and enjoy the darkness!

8 of 10

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