Pix Galore

It took a couple hours due to various struggles with the net but I’m
happy to report that new pix are finally online. June, July, and August
are now all accounted for in 2005. I have to scan in some pix for April
and May – but that’s another task for another time. The gallery is
loading a bit slowly when selected. Why? It is due to the new
“features” in 1.5. Soon 1.5.1 will be released. I’m keeping my fingers
crossed that it will address the page load speed issue.

Skydiving, Pat and Suzanne’s wedding, more football catching at 21,
11o1 renovations are all accounted for. Well, not exactly (11o1 pix
will be uploaded after the housewarming this weekend 8/20-8/21). Browse

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