Pix of the wedding time

This was just emailed to many, many a friend, and many, many a family member. Reactions to follow in another post.
Sup mina-san! As many/most?/all of you know a monumentally huge event took place on 01/07/06… Ali and I got married. “What?!” Pre-wedding day details can be read about here: http://ploski.us Yup, there’s been a bunch going on down here in lil’ol New York. I plan to post the ceremony to my site soon. Why? Because we created the whole bloody thing.

More details (pre- and post-wedding day thoughts) can be found on our sites: http://emmapoeta.com and http://garyploski.com

Here are a few direct links to specific posts thinking about/reflecting on the day/event/etc.
http://emmapoeta.blogspot.com/2006/01/ceremony.html (pic only)


The day, right…, the weekend was amazing. We had family and friends from all around the globe – Japan, England, and even CT & NY! We sang karaoke, we skied, we cried. Oh WOW did we cry. Unlike most weddings we kept the number low but not elope numbers. As Ali and I are both the non-traditional types this style fit into our M.O. quite perfectly.

With that said I’d like to share with you… The pix! The pix are in! The pix are online! We’ve got actual prints at the apartment AND we even have the negatives! The NEGATIVES!!! Stop by online or in person to check em out. Also, please feel free to pass the link/password around. I BCC’d everyone, if you didn’t already notice, so that your a reply comes to me and me alone. I don’t want to clutter up anyone’s
inbox. Have a splendid mina-san. W3rd!

The link – https://pamelabenepe.com/event2.php
The password – kitten

Note – Black and white pix are at the end. Them’z be some nice pix!

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