Pix of the wedding time – Reactions

Prema – Jan 30 10:39 AM
Congratulations garaaaaaa that is great…..i’m very happy for both you and ali…congrats mr….wow ..i can’t belive it….ur married now…cool beans

Quyen – Jan 30 11:12 AM
Very nice photos. I would rather see the proofs… When we get together this
week, bring the photos.

Lin – Jan 30 11:15 AM
Beautiful ……

Matt – Jan 30 12:51 PM
Hey Gary,

I’ve just got a short break between philosophical activities right now,
but I really can’t resist using it for a philosophical note about this.
You (Gary) wrote (in one of your posts):

I thought of marriage 3 times earlier in my life. But something…
Something inside always held me back. At the time I didn’t know what
‘it’ was but in time I learned that my [strike: gut instinct] mind knew
more than I was willing to accept. I don’t let my emotions guide me.
Far too often they’ve led me into ruts, walls, and unlit paths with no
end in sight.

Luck, or whatever one might call it has been on my side over the years.
Ha. Yea, a little bit of luck and what others described as hesitation,
being closed emotionally, lacking the ability to commit, etc. There
were reasons for all of those feelings.

This really struck me and startled me. You wrote this somewhat
casually, but that is one of the most profoundly moral, timelessly
important convictions on earth.

I really believe, as a philosopher, that if everyone on earth held this
attitude that we’d live in utopia. Specifically about there being
reasons for your feelings and not letting your feelings guide you. Most
people let their feelings guide them and never question the reasons
behind their feelings. Their motivations and lives are mysterious to
them and they never really achieve a relaxed and simple joy.

But–on the other hand–most people who *do* hold that you should check
your emotions, usually are afraid of them repress them, and also don’t
really achieve a consistent state of pleasure. But I know you well
enough to know that you certainly don’t do this.

About .1% of the people I’ve met are capable of both not being
emotionalists and also experiencing genuine positive emotions.

I hope you realize that this attitude *is* an achievement, a rare one,
to be proud of.

And it’s not just a psychological or theoretical conviction (though it
is those)–it has practical results, i.e. your marriage and general

So please accept as my deepest compliment: congratulations on your
marriage, and on your convictions and character that made it possible.

And thanks for making my day,

Traci – Jan 30 7:27 PM
Congrats again……Never thought I would see you get married, but just
from meeting her that one time, I knew that she was it for you…..I am
so very happy for you….Keep in touch will ya….I miss you

Maria – Jan 31 5:47 PM
Saw the wedding pics, they beautiful…

Marianella Perez – Feb 1 11:17 PM
Hi Gary, Congratulations!!! I read your blogs and it seems like you are
meant for each other. Being married is very nice… try hard to always be
best friends! My baby is 16 months already. Let’s keep in touch and get
together with our spouses next time we are around. Are you now in New York?
Did Kaz come to your wedding? How is he doing?

Congrats to you and your wife,

Yorick Brown – Feb 2 9:02 AM
Very nice photos.

Both of you have that “glow”…Definitely! Brought a tear of joy to my eyes.
*sniff* It’s good to see happiness in life. I’ll be smiling all day, fer

Sha – Feb 2 2:37 PM
Susan and I loved watching your photos. Allie’s (SP) dress was elegant and the black and white shots of her and the mirror are wonderful.

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