Politics – National Vs. Local

I have no plan to discuss McCain’s VP choice. Instead I would like to focus on the curious nature of USA citizens.

We loves us some big topics. We do. Pro this, anti that. Foreign policy, experience, overturn this but not that. Take this right away. Give that right to someone but take away that right. Sure, why shouldn’t we be talking about these nebulous and life impacting topics!? Parties make statements with supporters from every town, county, city, and state right? So it would only make sense that the agenda items and topic positions start somewhere. Right?

Not necessarily.

There are people that are excceptionaly skilled at managing towns. Some are mindblowingly good internationally. Where there are others that manage to fill a needed gap in one country for reasons not so very clear. A niche here, a line of supporters there, dabbled in with a two party system makes for interesting modern political times.

If anyone asked me what is taking place around me politically I would immediately think about the presidential campaign. Of course. It’s in the news in print, online, at work, etc. And right now it is vitally important to know what is going on. A piece of misinformation here or there may sway someone. This isn’t a new idea. Play the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) game and you’ll get people to join your ranks. It’s easier to spread information nationally than locally because more people are listening. Uh duh.

Do you know what your locally elected official stands for? I don’t. I know, it’s terrible. In fact, t’s pathetic. Change can happen from the top down but it’s more likely going to start from the ground up. So why am I in the majority? Why are we US citizens out of the loop? Putting our rights into the hands of someone without knowing how they may impact our lives. What are we doing?!

Maybe we watch national politics because it is similar to watching Hollywood news. Everyone seems to know about it. Even though few people want to admit to reading/watching gossip news. Is it the same thing? I’m leaning toward yes. It’s sexier. Obama, McCain, Palin, Biden… Ohhh, ahhh. Are they ready to lead?

Like most things in life it’s not a matter of whether they actually can it’s perception. Remember that FUD thing a few paragraphs back? Right. Have you ever manage/run a a sports team, a non-profit, a office department, a town, ac city, a state, etc.? If you have you know what is required. I am not qualified to be president. I’m not qualified to be mayor. Though, the curious piece of it all, if someone else DID think I was ready and promoted me and told everyone why I was ready I may be the next local official. Heck, I may play one on TV or in a movie and you can be sure I’d look and sound like I knew what I was doing

Sorry, veared off for a minute there. As my morning time dwindles I repeat the curious concern. We are focused so much on national politics, even when we aren’t voting for a new president, that we overlook the local side of this coin. So while you’re reading the latest article about the latest national polls or the RNC convention take a look for some local news. It probably won’t pop out. My guess is you’ll have to search for it.

This. Is. Not. Good.

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