A suggestion was made to Plosk and I as we were leaving friendly’s after eating with his dad and Lin.

Lin: You should wear an engagement ring and say you’re engaged!
Me: Um, what?
Bico: That’s not a bad idea
Greg: They want to see that you are stable
Me: Um, what?

(the text above is not exact, but pretty damn close)

Oddly enough, it wasn’t the talk of marriage that freaked me out. It was instead not wanting to fake something so important. Plus, I don’t want to walk around the building wearing a fake ring at all times.

We have something to say that is both honest and shows commitment. It’s odd- having to prove you’re devotion to someone and needing a ring to do it. In the last few months we’ve heard that word a lot, and the word ‘grandkids’ even more. Our response at our interview will simply be the following:

“It is something we have talked about and we decided buying a home would be a great step towards building our future together and gaining equity, and are currently choosing to focus on saving and getting our masters in school in order to invest in our future.”

And as for the people voting for grand kids, the answer is less diplomatic: NOT READY!!!

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