Proud Assistant Lackey

Simply put I am more than extremely proud of the SLC V ball team. The ladies have come together amazingly well over the past couple weeks. Of course time is limited resource during a season so I hope the team pulls together even more than they’ve been able to thus far.

It’s a tough road to travel but I feel that they’re on course for a very fulfilling end of season tourney. Depending on the leadership of the two captains and the effort put in during the next (and last) few weeks of the season I don’t think it would be far fetched to put them in the top 3 of the league. They’re strong all around which is quite rare in a team – as strange as this may seem to most people. Unless you’re in a professional league or a highly highly competitive level of play teams aren’t usually well rounded all around. I’ve got an odd number of fingers crossed and spirits high for them.

I also feel it important to note that I finally feel like a part of the team. For quite some time I’ve felt like an outsider. With time comes changes and for this bag of flesh it’s been a change for the better! Happy flesh bag! Here we go green!

Boom! Boom! Smash!
Boom! Boom! Smash!
Boom! Boom! Smash!

10-15-2004 12:23 am

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