Quick Lil Bit

One scrooge of a 5-oh, a babbling very conversational manicurist, and this thing they call cold.

Already there have been some extreme highs and lows which is/was to be expected. Last night emma and I actually had a few moments that involved only the two of us. At first it was confusing. Hmm, thinking about it… It’s still pretty confusing how we managed to have close to 2 hours to ourselves. = D

A small dinner with Rachel and Kazi was well enjoyed in The Lion’s Den which was followed by a grand ‘ol time at Michaels Restaurant and Pub. Pix from the evening will be posted on their site soon enough. Sneak a peek here.

Sadly the evening was short lived for the two of us because we needed to review our lines vows and sleep. Which we did VERY, VERY well I must say. So well in fact that emma actually fell back to sleep after the alarm went off. The first time this has ever happened in all the time that I’ve known her.

The quote of the day was “I fucked him.” Ahh what two hours and a bottle or forty two of nail polish will make the brain think/say.

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