quiet de luxe – Thank You to the Cast and Crew

quiet de luxe

quiet de luxe

From Friday June 1st at ~6:30 until Sunday June 3rd at ~7:30 extraordinary things happened in and around NYC.

It is rare when you know when a project has a definitive start and finish time but it is exactly what you will experience if you take part in the 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP) anywhere around the world.

Who joined in to make these awesome things?

“I had a cooler weekend than you.”

This past weekend Ali Berman and I produced our first film production for our new company, flipmeover, llc.

Our team was called: team flipmeover and it was made up of people from all around the world living in NY and CT. While we did not hand in our film by the designated deadline – midtown traffic in NYC delayed us – our film was finished within 48 hours and we could not be more impressed with the ‘final’ product.

I say final because it is a finished 48HFP film but we are going to edit it some more and make it into something even more special and then submit it to film festivals around the country and maybe even around the world.

Official Teaser – quiet de luxe

There is only one way this teaser, and the film, could be possible… Everyone who made up team flipmeover.

flipmeover online:

To Our Cast and Crew…

It is impossible to remember everything that happens during a 48 hour window of time, especially when you only sleep 40 minutes after being awake for over 24 hours. Despite this memory failure of mine, I know there were so many wonderful memories that were created.

Below I tried to express my best thanks to everyone. Please post a comment with stories for those of us who may have missed the joke or moments of wow.

If you were here right now I’d give you a hug and say “Thank you.” again and again and again. I don’t think I’m exaggerating if I say I’d probably tear up too. #yep

Thank you.

(in no particular order)

Alex Samets (Writer)

Fellow Sarah Lawrence College classmate and alum. She worked with Ali from afar via Skype for hours and I do mean many, many hours. I was lucky to be in the room for a few minutes while the story was constructed and can say the collaboration was fabulous. Thoughts and ideas were thrown against the wall. Some stuck, some didn’t. All said, it rocked! Without you, our story would not have been as compelling and full of nuanced detail that make “quiet de luxe” such a joy to watch over and over and over again. Thank you, Alex.

Eliana Álvarez Martínez (Cinematography)

We met on a bus ride in New Mexico and talked for about 2.5 hours with other filmmakers on the way to Filmapalooza 2012. One weekend later and I knew I had to work with her. Voila! During crunch time on Sunday, she kept Ali calm with a “We’ll be okay.” and a hug many times. Your willingness to try something new and the skills to make the traditional or experimental shot work, look good, and fit into the visual constraints/opportunities I asked for in “quiet de luxe” I find myself wanting to work with you again. Your camera work and creativity are phenomenal. Thank you, Eliana.

Marco Vitale (Camera Operator, Gaffer)

One of the only people I did not know in-person before starting the weekend. All I knew of him was Eliana’s recommendation and a Vimeo video displaying his mad camera skills. ‘I’ll meet you at the drop-off location.’ he said. We chatted for a while before having all the 48HFP requirements. During the weekend I watched him do everything that needed doing. Every single time he did something he was calm, insightful and working the camera like a magician. I hope you enjoyed being on-set as much as I/we liked having you on-set. Thank you, Marco.

Michal Trzaska (Assistant Director, Editor, Sound)

With only 10 minutes of conversation time available over a year and a half ago this blazing speed editor and über calm guy has something to answer for… All of the extra work I took on as the director. It was because of him and his support that I took on the role. Something everyone will see that he pwned is scene 6, something that took him nearly an entire day to edit. It will suck you in. I cannot thank you enough, no really it’s not possible, for all your support and inspiration these past few weeks and especially during the weekend. I can say with the utmost certainty that it would not have been successful without you and that I look forward to working with you again and again. Thank you, Mehow.

Bianca Zanini (Producer, Editor, Art Director, Continuity Girl)

We also met on the 2.5 hour bus ride in New Mexico because her documentary was screening at the fest. Since then, Ali had the fortune of hanging out with her multiple times in NYC. At first there was some worry of there not being something for her to do during the weekend. At first. Then the weekend happened. Who says “Sure. I’ll go.” at 1:45 in the morning to the question, “Does anyone want to go with me to get props and costumes 30 minutes away?” She does/did! I can’t leave out that she edited a massive chunk of the film, kept our continuity in order, and so many other things! With a cool calm and sound recommended steps on how we needed to tackle the weekend to make it a success you were an ace in the hole multiple times. There are few people I know who can do what you can do and you do it fabulously. Thank you, Bianca.

Tigi Kuttamperoor (Producer, Sound)

Almost one year ago I was in CT acting in “Objects of Time” and this is where I saw this guy pwning what wasn’t pwned by anyone else. I can do that. I’ll do this. Oh, that, just some incredible visuals I created for the film. No biggie. Oh you need someone to get the editing started, handle sound through the day? Jumped right in like a boss. My bad, I didn’t mention that this was done with a smile and a warm personality. Have you seen the banner images for “quiet de luxe?” Yea, that was this guy. You not only kept things rolling along in the late eve/early morning, you’ve taken ownership of making sure this piece gets seen by the world. Thank you, Tigi.

Raffaella Meloni (Actor – Olivia Masterson)

There I was looking at reels and other videos in my actor spreadsheet. I clicked on one and there is this young girl singing. Skipping ahead she was mid-dialog with a reader. I kept watching. Grabbing Ali’s attention we both smiled. I said something akin to ‘she knows what she’s doing’ and ‘really impressive stuff’ and Ali agreed. It wasn’t until she arrived on-set and took on the task of creating and keeping Olivia alive all day that I knew I was working with a true talent. Her range of emotion captivated the crew and even had everyone gush at an “ahhh!” clip. We might have embarrassed her a teeny bit. If there was anything that worried her on-set, it was that bicycle. 😉 Your willingness to trust me/us, to stay focused for as long as you did, to take risks is only part of what makes you so great. It was an honor and a pleasure meeting you, working with you and, soon enough I’m sure, watching you soar to new heights! Thank you, Raffaella.

Adrienne Meloni (Raffaella’s mom)

Sarah Lawrence College writers stick together and it’s because of that bond that brought The Meloni family to set. Normally when a mom is on-set she hangs out and chats with people. Not this mom. While walking around set I’d see her in the kitchen helping with food and even cleaning up. She offered the use of her car, took pix, and so on. An absolute pleasure to have on-set and a mom that is able to communicate questions and ideas without the helicopter parent approach. You are not only a great mom by supporting your daughter during this unplanned (and unexpected) shoot but you are full of awesome through and through. Thank you, Adrienne.

Katelyn Collins (Actor – Maria Masterson)

I teach actors how to use technology through Act Outside the Box in NYC. It was sometime ago that this actor took my Facebook and Twitter classes. Since then I’ve watched her develop her online circles and have kept her in mind because her personality is full of win. She’s positive and understands what it means to promote projects online. This is one of your early pieces of film work and, as I wrote in response to  your blog believing you should not be on-set, it is not going to be your last because you brought strong choices, a great personality, and so many other wonderful things to set. Thank you, Katelyn.

Johary Ramos (PA, Actor – Elderly Janet)

Another Act Outside the Box student and another super cool human being. The work day kept him from set until 3pm and I’ll admit I wondered what he might be able to do to help because we were so far into the day. He proved that though wrong 7 ways from Sunday. Not only did he find things other crew members could not find he offered to shave for a role he embodied. And I mean embodied! Film is magical when you don’t know how things are done. #wink Your kindness and generosity brought a feeling of happiness to set. If there was anything I could have wished for it would have been to have you here with us longer. Thank you, Johary.

Dan O’Connor (Music)

Do you like sci-fi? This was one of the first questions Dan asked me because he wanted to cast me in a project he was putting together called: Zedic and the Crimson Born. Heck yea I like sci-fi. I’d probably say wrap that in a <3 tag if there were such html. Without a hint of hesitation you offered your awesome collection of music for us to scour and use for “quiet de luxe.” Even though he was out with his family he tried to help as best he could during our time crunch. Your music is perfect. Thank you, Dan.

Gerardo Garcia (Music/Composer)

Have you heard of stage32.com yet? Until now it had not been a success story of mine but that changed this weekend when I spoke with him about our story and received the all clear that I/we could use his original music/scores for our film. Your scores are amazing and it added the perfect punch to the heart of everyone who watches “quiet de luxe.” Thank you., Gerardo.

Jules Dicterow (Music)

It’s funny how we meet people sometimes. While we’re both alums of Sarah Lawrence, we weren’t there at the same time. It wasn’t until she and Ali met via Cri de Coeur, a vegan fashion company in NYC, that I finally met her at a randomly scheduled dinner. This was where I learned that she is the singer in a band called “Oh Halo.” Ali asked her if we could use their music and she not only said yes but made it possible for us to use the instrumental tracks as well! You and your bandmates have created beautiful music that more people need to hear and I hope that everyone who sees “quiet de luxe” loves “Beautiful Egg” as much as I do. Thank you, Jules.

Quyen Nguyen (Photographer)

My oldest NY friend on the set of “quiet de luxe” was able to join us after spending some time working the day job. Over the years I’ve seen his interest in personal photography projects grow more and more and wanted to help to add to his portfolio in any way I could. When I asked him if he would be interested he said absolutely. You were so fast at getting the great photos out to the cast and crew that we didn’t even have a chance to finish the film. Too cool. You gave everyone a chance to relive the experience with your stills and skills. Thank you, Quyen.

Mrs. Greens (Crafty)

Over the past year Ali and I have talked with and gotten to know a handful of employees at the Mrs. Greens around the corner from us. Due to management changes Ali and I were asked not to mention any names so I’ll just say it’s great knowing you all and cannot thank you enough for supporting us. See you soon. =) Thank you, Mrs Greens peeps.

Sarah Lawrence Theater (Costumes and Props)

We met way back to 2003 when I took my first class in the Theater for my MFA. That class? Directing. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time, I was wrong and right in so many ways. Our set and actors looked amazing thanks to your support. Thank you Dave, Carol & Greta.

Ali Berman (Writer, Producer, Chef)

It was only a few months ago that I met this Ali Berman. In fact, it was a day or two after we returned from Fimapalooza 2012 in New Mexico. She immediately wrote a mockumentary and was ready for a film challenge. We talked about organizing a team for the NYC 48 Hour Film Project. It was on the schedule and then it wasn’t due to a schedule conflict with the New Haven, CT date and then it was back on the schedule because the CT weekend was changed. Up for the challenge she helped lock in music, organize paperwork, feed the cast and crew, wrote a fracking fabulous script, performed some typewriter magic, and many many other producer and non-producer related items. In complete seriousness, this film and the wonderful weekend that it was could not and would not have happened with you. I <3 you. Thank you, emma.

Our friends, family & fans

To everyone who retweeted, Liked, commented and/or shared photos of team flipmeover and “quiet de luxe” throughout the weekend this past week… I hope you were/are as inspired as I am. There is so much more to do and so many more things to say through flipmeover and it will be an honor to have you there with us. Thank you.

Tonight “quiet de luxe” premieres at 8pm along with the rest of Group D. Unfortunately we are not eligible for the Best Film award but we are eligible for the Audience Award. If you are free, please join us in celebrating the talent of the other teams and for a fun night out. After the screening ends join us for the after party! We might even share the secret behind our typewriter magic. =)

team flipmeover
Thank! You!

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