Remembering Hypatia – Available Now!

Take a peek at what Trent latest work. This isn’t in a magazine. Oh no! This is on the shelves in paperback format! It started as a play and has made it’s way into the land of ISBN. Take peek at Chapter One…

Before he was taken from the cell, Thasos sat in complete darkness.

He could feel a wooden bench beneath him, and a cold stone floor under his sandaled feet. Two hours earlier when his captors pushed him inside, he got a glimpse of his four-walled prison. Now he was blind in its blackness. Iron shackles weighed heavily on his wrists, but he found that if he sat still he could almost forget about them. Wrapped in shadow, Thasos felt incorporeal, more a ghost than a prisoner of flesh.

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Yet the din of the crowd beyond the cell?s thick wooden door made his heart stutter.

Thasos breathed deeply. He tried imagining that he was not in a dark cell but rather in a boundless cavern, or even above the clouds where the bright planets wheeled in silent revolutions. That?s it! he thought, instantly warmed. Think of the stars, and let them comfort you before you die.

Then the door burst open, jarring his entranced senses.Two men wearing mud-brown robes that covered them from neck to ankles entered, seized his nineteen-year-old body, and hauled him out into the chill night air. He stumbled on his blistered feet. His tunic was ragged, no longer white but dirtied by miles of travel through Egyptian country.

When he had first returned to Alexandria, when the Archbishop?s men arrested him, only a small mob had been present. Now, the Kinaron courtyard swarmed with nearly two hundred eager, bustling bodies and, when they saw him, their yells exploded.

?You returned to peddle your witchcraft?? a burly, balding man accused. ?We?ll return you to hell!?

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