Remembering Hypatia – Sales News

BT’s Remembering Hypatia received the Reader’s Choice award from iUniverse this weekend. What’s that mean? It means a semi-celebration is order!

The goal is (at least) 500 books in the fastest method possile. If you are interested in a good read that will educate you without knowing it… this is a book for you.

If you’re interested in learing about how history repeats itself and/or how religion causes so much hardship. Well… this book is DEFIINTELY for you.

Seriously now, what’s 16 bucks and a couple days of peaceful quality time with your eye juices and grey juices swirling around together. Ahhh. Sounds squishy. Now go read!

Details on the Reader’s Choice Award:

iUniverse Reader’s Choice FAQs

What is the Reader’s Choice Program?

The Reader’s Choice Program is one of the mile markers within the iUniverse Roadmap? signifying that a fiction or non-fiction title has achieved both the Editor’s Choice Award and sold 250 books, 50% through the retail channel. The Reader’s Choice Program is the mile marker on the Roadmap at which iUniverse begins to make investments in titles by providing free and/or coop materials and opportunities. For a list of features and benefits, visit the Reader’s Choice program web page.

How do I become eligible for the Reader’s Choice Program?

1. Submit your manuscript to iUniverse under the Premier or Premier Plus publishing package. Authors with legacy titles can purchase an Editorial Evaluation via the myUniverse upgrade page or by contacting iUniverse.
2. Books that receive a positive Editorial Evaluation are then sent to the Editorial Board for careful consideration. Books accepted into the Editor’s Choice Program are then eligible for products and services not available to other titles.
3. Market your book utilizing either the iUniverse marketing and sales products or your own plan. Systemically market your book beginning locally then expanding to regional marketing efforts to gain momentum.
4. Become eligible for the Reader’s Choice Program by reaching the 250 channel unit sales volume of which 50% of purchases were through the retail channel (channel means non-author purchases).
5. Once you achieve Reader’s Choice, you are eligible for free and/or coop marketing and sales opportunities not available to non-Reader’s Choice titles.

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