Reopening the Cast to Curtain


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It was a way to spur on my interest in editing and to reach out to the world. I called it “Cast to Curtain” because I thought it would be a simple way to frame the experience for me and you. During Season One I taught myself how to edit using iMovie by forcing my hand creatively.

One video could only be voice over, while another had to include shots of me in any environment but the room with the computer. The list went and the show carried on. I learned a great deal about acting, editing, and myself.

It took time but I finally finished Season One. Season Two has been complete for at least a year but hasn’t been officially released to the web… Until now.

Every week from now until September 3rd I will release a new episode of Season 2. I’m thrilled to finally release it to the world and hope my experiences can help you or someone you know. Here we go!

Join me through the process of the behind the curtain experience of an actor/producer/technologist as I prepare, plan and work through projects. And that’s just the stuff I planned for…

Season One

Watch all 13 videos (34 minutes) in this YouTube Playlist:

Season Two

I released the first three episodes already, subscribe on my YouTube channel or stop by next week for the next installment.

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