Republicans Launch W Ketchup

This news is a few days old but I want to remember how utterly rediculous this is in the future so I’m adding it to the database.

Things have gone to far already. I hope I’m drinking the “right” water. I’d hate to be against the
“state” somehow if I drank that isn’t Gov T approved.

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By Oliver Conway

First there were “freedom fries” – for patriotic Americans who couldn’t stomach the French version because of their opposition to the war in Iraq.
Now there’s “W” ketchup to dip them in.

The W apparently stands for Washington after the nation’s first president – but the manufacturers are throwing their weight behind George W Bush’s bid for re-election.

In an appeal to Republicans, the sauce’s website says “you don’t support Democrats, why should your ketchup?”

That is a reference to Teresa Heinz Kerry – wife of the Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

She inherited a fortune from her former husband Senator John Heinz, who died in a plane crash in 1991.

Even before this latest salvo, Heinz was forced to point out that it was a non-partisan organisation and that no member of the Kerry family was involved in its management.

The firm will be hoping the election doesn’t become a food fight.

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