Roosters Everywhere!

It’s time once again for another rooster to let loose… Well, in about 7 hours. The difference being that this rooster is mechanical while the other rooster I’ve heard for the past 4 days has been quite, as you might say, alive.

This same silly, living, rooster decided to let everyone know all day pretty much that the sun was up and beaming its happy lil rays down on us. Gosh darn I’m gonna miss that rooster. Yup. Suuuuure am.

Oh the wee red battery icon. How you warn me my inevitable need for sleep. The Emma is sound asleep after a hellish sinus pressure war raged within her head on the flight back. My thoughts? YEA DRUGS! HEY HEY SUDAFED! Who says drugs are bad for you?! = o Hehehehe.

It’s back to reality in about 10 minutes. Packing, packing, and more packing will take place in the next two days. It’s all about the departure from 134 to 21 to 1101! Sadly and happily there will be mucho time between the 2nd and 3rd move. Here-yee-here-yee.

Before I fall asleep at the ‘wheel’ I must say that the past four plus days were brilliantly relaxing and worry easing. Things that needed to be said were and somethings that weren’t expected found their way to the light. I smile. = D

Oyasumi weebles. Don’t fall. = p

03-16-2005 11:55 pm

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