Rosa DeLauro – March 3, 2006

Rosa shouting out to her constituents about the port problem. “Please be assured that (she) (is) working to secure our ports from terrorism.” Thanks Rosa. You’re our only hope.

From the Desk of Congresswoman Rosa L. DeLauro

March 3, 2006

Dear Constituent,
The idea that any foreign government could control America’s ports is shocking to most of us. That is why so many Americans are outraged at the news that the Bush administration approved the sale of six American port operations to a company owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates.
After September 11th, protecting our country against terrorism must be our first priority. I am deeply concerned that this sale could make it easier for terrorists to enter our country, at a time when only five percent of cargo containers are inspected at our ports.
I was one of the first Members of Congress to criticize this deal, which would affect nearly every major port on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. I have also cosponsored legislation to require an investigation of national security risks posed by this sale, and to allow Congress to block the takeover of our ports if necessary. It is my strong belief that this legislation, which has the support of over 100 Members of the House, should be considered immediately.
In addition, I have compiled a web page to keep you informed of what I am doing in Congress to secure our ports, which you can reach by clicking here. You can also watch the speech I gave on the House floor yesterday by clicking here.
Please be assured that I am working to secure our ports from terrorism. I hope that you will forward this message to your friends, families, and loved ones in the Third District. As always, I welcome your thoughts, concerns, and ideas.


2262 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515

Telephone: 202-225-3661

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