It’s 5:49 AM and the driver just apologized for being late. He pulled into the lot at 5:44 AM vs 5:35 AM… I barely recognized the reality of his arrival. My eyes look like BT’s after a flash except there is no flash and I can’t remove the red with pshop. All my bags are packed and stored in the back. Hell, I even kept 3 in front. My laptop and both bags under my eyes. They’re quite full.

Hrmm. Tired. So, so tired.

What the!? emma just paged me which means she’s awake. It’s 7:00 AM on a Sunday morning emma. You go back to sleep now! As much as I didn’t think I’d want to nap before the flight I think I won’t be able to prevent it. I’m not just tired. I’m exhausted. Thank you tech world for waking me up. My KX2 woke me up at 4:45 AM something fierce but my mind decided to ignore it. Happily my iCal reminder was sent to my KX2 and I darted out of REM.

It is now 7:48 AM and I’m sitting at my gate. Flight departure time is 8:30 AM. Status? On-time.

Austin… Yawn. Exclude 6th Street and you’ve got yourself a… city. Yup, that’s what my experience was last night. A safe city, but pretty much just a city. The architecture was less than exciting. One building stood out. It was extremely compelling to look at. At one point on the building the standard flat floor look stopped and the uber coolness began. Imagine 4 glass crystals leaning against each other to stay upright. Then add in more gravity than normal. Scratch that. Add in an excessive amount of gravity annnnnd… pull down just a wee bit extra. What you get is a smattering of angles and great angles of light. 6th Street was a very different experience. Bandanas. Bandanas. Bandanas. My god! They were everywhere! I’m not sure how that’s possible. I didn’t think there was that much cotton, acrylic, etc. 0= )

This weekend happened to be a biker weekend in Austin. 20,000+ motorcycles invaded the city. 6th Street had a few. Leather, large peeps, and lotsa music. Sadly the music wasn’t as available as I thought it would be after all the stories I’d been told. Parents, children, and grandparents were walking the street and every respective group was huddled together among the mass of faces. Goths, bikers, gays, weight lifters, gangsters, etc. One thing I didn’t see, which I just thought of, were homeless peeps. I may have missed something, aka lots, in Austin since I was there once but I’m comfortable knowing I was there and I saw what I saw. Next.

Last night, while in Austin, it’s HUGE by the way because it grew wide versus up, the 5 of us closed down 2 bars within 30 minutes. The first was, lol, at 930ish and the second, hahaha, you guessed it, was at 1000. Sorry emma, I did go to some bars. The fact that a total of one corona was had the entire evening makes it all the better. We did get to listen to two songs, one by each band that closed up each bar. A bit of Elvis and some Mexican. Ahh. An interesting eve.

8:25 AM. I think I’m done. Battlestar Galactica here I come.

End of line

Just over 12 hours later (8:30 PM)… I’m home and after a quick dip in the pool, solo style, a good ol fashion tempur nap, a great fettuccine dinner thanks to emma, and a fun and witty catch with the Koosh Vortex I’m happy to say… I’m back. It sure is nice resting on the bed knowing that emma is just a steam roller reach away. = ) I’m hella luck I am. Hella!

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