September 2001 – 09/12/2001


Talking to a friend online…

GPloski: yo!
GPloski: you got my email?
Sungazer1979: reading it now
Sungazer1979: my uncle was in the trade center when it was hit
GPloski: omg
GPloski: did he get ouT?
Sungazer1979: yeah….he was on the 23rd floor at a conference….he managed to evacuate before the building collapsed
Sungazer1979: he was covered in soot
GPloski: i can only imagine
Sungazer1979: watched his friends jump out to their deaths
GPloski: ……… = (
Sungazer1979: he is in shock right now….just keeps repeating "we are all gonna die"
GPloski: Where is he now?
Sungazer1979: people comong into the hospital with fiber glass embedded in their face
Sungazer1979: he’s in the hospital
GPloski: in NY?
Sungazer1979: nope hartford hospital is taking as many people as possible
GPloski: I’m sorry
Sungazer1979: praise God he’s alive
GPloski: I’m glad he was able to get out
Sungazer1979: yeah
Sungazer1979: did u hear the quote from Nostradomis?
GPloski: huh?
Sungazer1979: the 16th century philosopher
GPloski: d’oh
GPloski: I know who he is/was
Sungazer1979: he predicted this….i dont remember exactly what he said… was fancier than this….but he said that when the two brothers are attacked, this will be the beginning of the third world war
Sungazer1979: the two brothers in the big city
GPloski: never heard of it
GPloski: there won’t be a 3rd world war
GPloski: the WORLD is backing us
Sungazer1979: fucking sick twisted Arabs
GPloski: I’m waiting to focus my anger on them
GPloski: I want proof so I don’t feel like as ass
GPloski: I believe it to be them
GPloski: But I want evidence
GPloski: THEN
GPloski: I want retaliation
Sungazer1979: they have a really sick view on life
GPloski: An all out assault
GPloski: very
Sungazer1979: hey i gotta go……ttyl
GPloski: ciao yo
btw……thanks for the e-mail…means a lot
Sungazer1979 signed off at 9:17:07 AM.

… <- meaning -> out

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