September 2001 – 09/29/2001

IQ for sale. "Gotz me sum IQ fr sail."

As if they’d really know!

Taliban says no foreign special forces in Afghanistan
"It is totally wrong, we deny this news that they have come to our areas," Mullah Obaidullah Akhund, the Taliban defence minister, told Reuters in Kabul.


And on the other side of the mental coin

Spiritual Manual Guided Hijackers
Handwritten Letter Instructed Hijackers

Hey Crackers! Heads up. Oh, to the laymen that’s ‘hacker’

Hackers ‘branded as terrorists’

This is without a doubt going to be interesting in the History Books boys and girls. Any thoughts as to how it’s going to read. How about, "WWIII – Nuh unh didn’t happen you slimy lyin Americans!" I can keep my sarcasm in all the time. Now? Hell, I’m just tired of their silliness. I need a Kit Kat. Yes, pathetic pun ahead – "Give me a brea"…<- meaning -> out

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