Serenity… Horrible?

I saw a review on and had to say something.

Date: Sep 29, 2005 9:23 AM
Subject: Horrible – Serenity

I saw the title of your review and thought “Wow, something got under her skin when she watched this film”. And so, I clicked on your review from rottentomatoes curious to know what you didn’t like… Um… I still don’t know what you disliked about it.

You recapped the film, which is a bit of a spoiler, but no harm no foul I guess and you spoke of an ugly baby. Uh, right, so what was ‘horrilbe’ about the film? The dialog? The acting? The story? The camera work? Etc?

To use the word horrible and not give at least one sound reason sounds just lambbasting because of one primary dislike… the special effects. Did you look at the budget they had to work with before you wrote the review? This was NOT a big budget film. Per – Production Budget: $40 million

Let’s compare:
JUST LIKE HEAVEN – Production Budget: $40 million
LORD OF WAR – Production Budget: $50million

Neither of these films required large scale battles to be CG’d or much else CG related.

FANTASTIC FOUR – Production Budget: $100 million

This film was hugely CG’d and it looked good, but not WOW.

I write because I’m tired of critics picking apart films that actually have a solid story (Ex: Serenity) and praising films with exceedingly weak stories (Ex: Corpse Bride). Yes I like the show, do I think there are problems with the film I saw (a preview 2 months ago) yes. CG… pfff, whatever. That’s not what makes a good movie. No movie is ever going to be perfect, but good story telling is good storytelling. This film has that and a whole lot more. Thanks for your time. Have a splendid.

PS – If you want to see how much Joss knows this universe spend some time watching the series. I wasn’t interested at all until somone forced me to watch it. After I saw the pilot, and the episode “Out of Gas” there was no turning back.

Gary Ploski

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