Shifting into 2nd

The move is now complete. All save a few things like my desk, a mattress for the spare bedroom, and some random stuff that’s falls into the argh column.

It is done. I finally have a place that I want to call home. This means decorating. This means painting. This means… Whooohoo!

Yesterday the Berman’s gave us our house warming gift – Key Boy. Go ahead and Google it, you won’t find it. He simple says “Gimme yore KEEZ”. I’d describe him but that would mean you’d have an image in your grey juices and that simply won’t do. If you want to meet/see Key Boy you’ll just have to visit.

ZoyoRoyo and Gris (Fallen Angel & Fuzzy Wuzzy) are hanging on the walls and the bedroom has taken shape. Like an adult putting together a children’s puzzle it’s all coming together painlessly. The only hitch so far has been the door knob from Anthropology. Possibly more on that later. Simply put… it don’t work with the doors/latches we’z got.

What time is it Mr. Fox? It’s 10:00 o’clock! Off I git.

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