Should I Create a LLC?


  1. great post… About not filing the certificate of publication. It’s a little more complex than just not being able to sue people. Basically, If you don’t file within the 120 days, anything you sign as an LLC after that date is not valid, until you get the certificate of publication.. It’s not just as simple as not suing… now, I am not an attorney and I would advise you to ask an attorney the real consequences and not just another LLC owner. I have own 3 LLC, before the one I own now, and with the first one we made the mistake of not filing.. and it became a big problem when filing taxes… just saying…

  2. Thanks for the added feedback. My information regarding that detail was from someone who has had an LLC for many years. As you’ve noted, speaking with an attorney would always be the best bet.

    Hopefully the legislation noted above will move forward soon and the certificate of publication will be eliminated as a requirement.

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