Simmered for a Bit

I was on a roll with my previous posts. Grah! Damn life got in the way. …Yee-ha damn life!

With three classes to go the Collective Creation class has had me cracking down on lines, lines, lines, and more lines. Yup, yup, yup, that many lines. We have six pieces to present. I am in… four. Then there is War Music (so cool) that has more words waiting for my eyes and my grey squishy guts. Happily it’s only been this week and a wee part of last week that has owned my time. The wild thing to consider is I only have three classes left. Three! Whoa. Talk about freeing up my daily calendar. Four additional hours will be revealed post spring break.


On the personal desire front my last hopes for the World Cup are about ready to poof into the ether. There has been no word from Dan Garber. Alak, alak, alak! )Insert sigh here.( Sigh.

What will the honeymoon be? When? Where? OAEn oaefna O aeg n;oN EFGO #9u3!?

Quote me on that.

Rolling down the off-topic hill – I burned my hand last week. Fraggin toaster oven was much hotter than low even though it was set to… you guessed it, low. The skin looks like a small tiny uber teeny iron burn. The whole thing. It’s a tad bit bigger then my thumb nail. Ha. I hadn’t thought of it like that until now. It really DOES look like the bottom of an iron. HFCIT!

So the world is doing its thing. Bush keeps slipping down the ‘we approve of you’ slide. And 6.5 billion people are now on the planet. I guess we can all take a break from… Well, cooking. Go ahead and order your favorite food and have that plate delivered to you! Why not?! Oh, and don’t forget a drink. I HIGHLY recommend Jone’s Soda and Naturals. Bananaberry – TASTY! Green Apple – Cha’ching! Drink them up yum.

And to the other 2 people out on the web that haven’t signed up for myspace. Well, I’m no longer part of the party. Yes, I signed up for myspace. I’m really easy to find, oh wait, click here to view my profile.

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