SLC Graduate Portfolio

Today we (Theater Grad Students) were advised how to put together our portfolio. MY GOD! This is something we’ll need to hand in by 4/15 (tax day) of the year we graduate. Now, for those grad students in their second year they have one (1) year of data to compile – if they haven’t already. First year grad students are now aware of what they need to keep a record of and can begin this process. I, fall into both, as well as a category of my own. How? Why?

I’ve been taking classes and performing for the past two (2) years already. That’s a whole bunch to put together. Hot damn! I’ve spent the last two hours delving deep into the past – all the way back to 1999. Why? We need to have a CV to hand in as well. It’s a GREAT thing to have completed but adding classes, evaluations, and performances from 3rd Act, NVCC, New Zenith, PBS, and SLC I’m tapped out. Hot diggity diggity!

I’ve put together this draft as something to run with…

Class – Professor
Faculty Evaluations
Personal Evaluations
Important Papers written for class

Season Year
Piece Name – Role (Company – Dates)
Personal Evaluation of the Project

All acting training and experience

Now all I have to do is finish gathering the previous two (2) years of information and then add in each semester for the next three (3) years. Sweeeet! )Ugh(

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