Some Site Tweaks

Recently I made a few changes to my .com. Instead of putting time into something that would turn into more time than I desire, I chose a few templates to run with for the next few months. The present theme is ABAC by Nicola Laviola. It’s a unique theme in that as a story gets older the text on the front page gets smaller. Clever. If someone wants to read an article they’ll need to click on the subject. Also, it helps to shorten the length of the front page. Nicely nicely.

I also updated the Gallery Plugin and a number of other Plugins via the new auto update feature in 2.5.1 – brilliant! Instead of the old process – I’m not going to bore myself or anyone else by typing it out – it’s a click here, a click there, and voila. Updated. Ahhh.

For the frequent visitor, there are one or two of you out there, I know I have not updated my photo gallery. The amazing fact is I haven’t taken one picture since my birthday. Okay we all know that’s a crock. The truth is it has not been a priority. Instead of updating my online gallery I’ve focused on updating my local gallery. I have over 10,000 photos in iPhoto. Most of which have no labels/tags and/or descriptions. So, the past 2 weeks I have been combing through, doing my best to apply names and locations. I know I’ve missed tags or applied the incorrect tab – alas.

It is my hope that to back up all my photos to my Flickr account – I will then begin geo-tagging the albums and photos (if applicable). That process will take a considerable amount of time. I may ask for help (if it’s even possible).

Yup. The lightning is blasting away in the sky north of us. Wow! RUMBLE RUMBLE. The temperature has dropped a good 5-10 degrees making the apartment bearable. The temp topped 98 today. Wee!

Wrapping things up… emma’s rents, FIL and MIL, were very kind tonight and treated us to a home cooked meal – gaspacio – and some leftovers with strawberry rhubarb and ice cream for dessert. Whether it was the day, the heat, or the cocaine… I’m feeling beat. =) Time for sleep in the …OK, I was about to rhyme something that means I’m done. Helloooo z’land.

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