Somethings Make More Sense Than Others

I don’t know what it is stewing inside me this weekend. Yesterday and today I’ve had the urge to completely shrapnel two electronic devices (my phone and my camera). Why? The phone mic stopped working for some length of time and a setting on the camera was changed which caused a grouping of pix to come out in a very small resolution. Do either of these things really matter? Pfft, not at all. They’re pieces of plastic and metal shaped into a usable form. But why am I so ready to destroy both of them? Hmm…

It’s strange because I had such a relaxing weekend. Climbed Sleeping Giant with BT and Emma. I even nabbed a few OUTSTANDING shots leaping the infamous crevasse of death. The weather couldn’t have been any better. The food was tasty and the air was fresh and clean.

So why do I have a built up feeling of rage within me. I’ve had to suppress urges to ruin so many things lately. Happily they’ve all been objects that I own. = D What an odd consolation, but a consolation nonetheless.

While working on my Hamlet homework for class I had to stop and ìcount to 10î before I could continue. Am I lonely? If so how? I have a cast of friends here asking for my time and my companionship. ARG.

Sometimes the processing process needs the buffer overflow to be emptied or rebooted. Maybe the stuff I call grey juice just needs a break from the day to day. It’s quite possible that I’ve been stretching my time to thinly. Possible but unlikely I think.

I do have five weeks of comics waiting for my lil eyes. Just waitin for me to finish this purging/reboot/whatever. I do wish my back would find its way to a more fluid state versus the present granite like feel. Rock doesn’t stretch very well but it sure does hurt when moved.

Oh right. I forgot to jot down a fun lil fact that is no longer a worry. Everything I’ve ever written was nearly lost last week. And the week before that I backed it all up. Of course this makes no sense but it’s true. I lost it after I backed it up. Sigh. My 20GB HDD was on it’s way out ñ how I knew this I don’t know but something in my wee bones told me to back everything up. So… I did. = ) Yea. All done. Not quite.

A morning or two after I backed everything up my PC froze. Now this isn’t uncommon with Windows OS’s but a BSoD is a bad thing. The drive had failed. It’d gone ìker-plunkî into the waters of ‘buh-bye’. I freaked because I did something stupid the night before. I moved ALL of my files to the 20 GB HDD instead of copying them from the 160 GB HDD. UGH!@! DUGH! Yea… FUBAR mode initiate.

After a few days I found a decent HDD on sale at Staples and then went to pick it up that night. So now I have backups on two 160 GB HDDs ñ Maxtor and Hitachi. Hey hey hey! I gots mad space now… and what did I do this weekend with the camera? F’d up the pix and took TINY pix instead of maxed out suckaz. Stupid me. I go squish now.

Blah blah blah… poor me. I think I need a vacation. Too bad December is so far off. My trip to Japan is needed quite desperately at this moment in time.

I think I just need to find a ìzoneî to play around in for the rest of the night. That zone will be called ìWednesday Night Zoneî in homage to new comic book day. With that… Enough ìwhimper whimperingî Time to focus change the mindset channel. )click(

09-26-2004 11:29 pm

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