SPAMmers Really Pissed Off!

blue security logoAw gee, SPAMmers are pissed that someone has developed a great tool to stop SPAM. It looks like DIGGers have overwhelmed your message board. What to do now?

The basics here are:
A SPAMmer went ahead and blackmailed a company that wants to stop SPAM.

Connectivity to the site was halted and eventually restored.

Someone posted to DIGG and now… Hehehe, the SPAMmers site is nearly dead.

Check out and fight the SPAMmers! We will not be bullied SPAMmers. There are more of us than there are of you!.

From Digg… Spammers started cursing at blue security and we are not far from stopping those scambags. Site is password protected but you can get login at or just register (with your spam-friendly email address of course 😉 or here is offline version of 1st page

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