SPAMmers Vs. Blue Security (Round 2)

blue security logoThis sucks big time. After the initial ‘war’ with the SPAMmers Bluesecurity looked to be in great shape. Their user base swelled to over 500,000. Since the initial hit on the Blue Security servers SPAMmers haven’t stopped their quest to kill the small company.

Tonight it appears that the SPAMmers have won this round. There is talk in the open source community to take this idea and bring it to a new level. Take Blue Securities idea and throw it back into the SPAMmers faces the same way they’ve been trying to take down Blue Security’s servers.

Open Source community… It’s time to unite. Contact Blue Security and ask them to donate their code to the world so that SPAMmers can be stopped!

If the Open Source community isn’t the place this needs to come from Yahoo!, Hotmail, GMail, etc. it’s time everyone sat down and did something about this together. And fast! The bell is ringing. What’s that? Oh, it’s time. SPAMmers proved that they can be hurt in a big way. It. Is. Time!

From Digg:
“At the end of the day if we continue doing so, within a few days, major websites will go down. I cannot go ahead and rip up the internet to make Blue Security work.”

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  1. Gary,
    Agree with you it sucks big time. The question is who is the beneficiary of the spammer’s success aside from themselves whoever they are?
    Best regards,

  2. If a private organisation could not survive the attacks can an open source community take it?
    Getting the source code shouldnt be difficult as bluesecurity website had mentioned that they would give the source code to any worthy party who wants to check if it has any malicious code in it.

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