'Star Wars Kid' Revenge

Back in 2003 an ordinary teen became an Internet sensation. In his home town and school he felt as though he became the target of ridicule. After a few years his case has been settled and he’s famous one more time. Digg, /., Boing, Boing, and many other sites will be talking about his fame, his missed opportunity to cash in, and how sad it is that he went down hill after the video became a sensation.

Personally, I feel as though it was his own fault to have left the video out in the open. If I left something out in the open and someone posted it online… It’s my own damn fault.

Sure, it’d suck to have this personal thing on the net but I’d be damn sure to cash in on it ASAP. Hell, if you’re going to make fun of me because of something I (with a capital with great power comes great responsibility) made, did, etc. I’m going to do my best to profit from it and control what happens with the content in question.

I truly do feel bad for Star Wars Kid but I also pity him and his family for not taking advantage of this. Instead of going through everything that happened with courts and lawyers things could be very different right now.

So with that, I raise my glass (of milk) to you Star Wars Kid! Best of luck to you in the future. You will NOT be forgotten.

No, really, you will not be forgotten.

An ordinary teen in this Quebec town became a worldwide object of ridicule when schoolmates put on the Internet a video of him pretending to be a Star Wars character.
Mr. Raza and his parents this week reached an out-of-court settlement with the families of three former schoolmates they had sued for $351,000 in damages.

From the article :

“they had sued for $351,000 in damages.”

“No one would comment yesterday about the settlement, including whether it included monetary compensation.”

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