Star Wars Original Trilogy Petition

At the moment (03/02/2004 10:12 AM EST) 54,478 people have signed a petition asking George Lucas to re-consider the release of the SW DVD’s for episodes IV, V, & VI. I’m number 55118. Of course I have no idea what that means since it’s more than the total signatures. Regardless. Click on READ MORE… for the full scope. Here is a link to the petition – Please pass it on to your friends, family, and anyone else you know.

Few science fiction films have achieved the success and renown of the original Star Wars trilogy. Currently, George Lucas has no plans to release the original theatrical cuts of Episodes IV, V, and VI on DVD. To be replaced by completed versions of the Special Editions released in 1997, these classic pieces of science fiction and film history will be allowed to fade away into obscurity.

Our goal is to persuade Mr. Lucas to reconsider his decision. If you want the original theatrical cuts of the Star Wars trilogy on DVD, read and sign the petition now..

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