Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3?

What are the steps?

Research, research, and more research. And they have led me to a conclusion… Actually it’s led me to many conclusions. First – I know very little about music codecs. This is most unsettling. AAC and MP3… both are industry standards but each will provide a very different musical experience for the ear and other things…

Choose Between MP3 and AAC (original page –
Apple’s current implementation of AAC in iTunes and the iPods has a lot to commend it. AAC delivers high-quality audio, small file size, and enough flexibility for most purposes. But if you want to use the files you rip from a CD on a portable player that doesn’t support AAC, or you need to play them using a software player that doesn’t support AAC, choose MP3 instead.
Similarly, if you want to share your music files with other people in any way other than sharing your music library via iTunes, MP3 is the way to go—but remember that you need the copyright holder’s explicit authorization to copy and distribute music.

Another note of interest is:

To tell if an AAC file is protected or not, choose File | Get Info and check the Kind readout on the Summary tab of the Song Information dialog box. If the file is protected, the Kind readout reads Protected AAC Audio File. If not, Kind reads AAC Audio File. Alternatively, check the file extension: the .m4p extension indicates a protected file, whereas the .m4a extension indicates an unprotected file.

Sigh… yea. Have I decided which format to use? HA! Far from it. I’m waiting on someone in the music field to let me know what he thinks. Hopefully he’ll get back to me soon.

But the big happy is I decided to buy a iPhoto. I am actually going to buy one! And later on next year I’m thinkin… iBook. Hmm.

Heheh. Heheh. = D

iPhoto. I’m actually excited to buy a musical device again. It’s probably the first time in years that music has interested me. YESSSSSAH! SWEET!

What else is going on brain. What else?

AH! Japan… Jacek and I are 100% set to go. Another may join us too. Kazi just needs to confirm if another would be okay. Kazi?! Can you hear me? Hello hello? Iko!

Emma is finishing up her 500 lap race this week! Just a dash of the ‘radio’ and a dash of ‘iso’ time and you get one non-cancrum emma. Less than one week to go! Hoo Ha! And then it’s off to Woodbury Commons with Alice, Eric, Emma, Avenga? and lil ol me. No spending for me though. I’ll be listening to me tunes. "Lalala!"

Time for tempur time. T time indeed!

11-22-2004 12:45 am

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