Stretching the Neck – Sternocleidomastoid Muscle

sternocleidomastoideus muscle

The sternocleidomastoideus muscle


Last week I wrote about the pains that happen in the neck and shoulders. You’re in luck, there is another stretch you can do to relieve even more tension in your neck and it is almost the exact same stretch.

That’s right! It’s (nearly) a two for one sale, er stretch!

See that muscle to the right? It’s called the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Yep, it’s kind of large and it needs your attention. Trust me on this one.

Take a few breaths, a minute of your time, and relax this side of your neck as well. Remember, when you work out or stretch, it’s a great idea to pay attention to both sides of the body.

You can perform this stretch nearly anywhere and it will take you less time to perform than for you to read this blog.

Let’s Stretch

A note of caution, like all things muscle please do not over stretch or push yourself. It is more important to do a stretch properly than it is to do exactly what is shown in a picture or video. You might not be as flexible and that’s okay.

One more thing, take your time and remember to breath while stretching. It sounds silly but breath into the stretch, hold your breath for a count of 3-5 and then release your breath.

If you want to repeat the stretch often, go for it!

Please share this with someone you know who is struggling to find relief from headaches, tension in their jaw, tight neck, etc.

Without further ado…


How Did That Feel?

Could you feel it in your neck or jaw? Do you think you’ll incorporate this stretch into your daily routing? Will your friends look at you like you’re a stretching ninja after you show them this stretch?

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  1. FANTASTIC share, Gary! 😀 Thanks!!

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