T-minus X

I’m close to finding my way back to the web. Joy! T-minus X days.

My back is either pleased with me by sending out many jolts of pain or I’ve added to the rock like feeling that are my muscles. I’m betting that it’s a good pain but I’ll need a few more days to know for sure.

Interestingly I’m thinking that I’ll join the on line community by the end of the week. I felt a sense of relaxation today that was greatly needed. Why the speculative forecast? My conclusion for all my violent feelings from the weekend last night was that I need some time to myself. A few more evenings alone in my own space in my own head should help. After that… well, I’ll show anyone that’s been worried (Boston Emma ñ thanks for your call) about me that I’m fine. Also I’ll have the desire to work on some website stuff that some people are waiting on ñ aka the dad and… me. Ideas have been buzzing around in my head and I want to let em out.

Wednesday night joy is still in effect. Rock on Bendis! ìNot like this. NOT LIKE THIS!î Avengers: Chaos Part 3 (#502). Capital go go gadget oh my yimminy!

09-28-2004 12:42 am

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